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Krik Six - Visual design

Sumit Sarkar is a visual artist based between Manchester and London UK, whose artwork takes the form of digital and analogue paintings and sculpture, animation and work inspired by graffiti.

Sumit is a long time collaborator and friend of Pen:Chant and designs all of our print and visuals.

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You I - Web Design & Development

You I partner with you to design, create and launch your businesses online. Our focus is to solve the pain points that your business's website is suffering from.

You I can also work with your existing online presence to make incremental improvements. They also made this sexy site!

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People Staring - video production

People Staring are a Manchester-based production company who create quality cinematic videos, photography and design.

Since the end of 2016 they have filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube all of our shows, providing a high-quality video archive for our performers.

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