The 'Newfangled' Micro-comission

When: Monday, 21st May 2018 5:00 PM

Manchester’s most eclectic mixed-bill cabaret night Pen:Chant is piloting a new format

Newfangled will take place in venues outside of central Manchester, showcasing emerging artists, new material from established acts, and the occasional special guest. We’re presenting Newfangled at The Turnpike in Leigh on Friday 22nd June at 7.30pm.

Newfangled will feature at its centre a new short piece of performance created by two performers from different artforms, specially commissioned by Pen:Chant to be premiered on the night. As part of the purpose of Newfangled is to discover artists previously unknown to us, we’re putting out an open call with a brief and simple application form, so if this sounds up your street we want to hear from you!

The two artists will work together for a day before the event to create a new short piece (approx 5 - 10 mins) in response to Dave Pearson’s Sailing to Byzantium exhibition (more details below). The piece will be premiered on the night and the commissioned artists may also perform up to 10 mins each of existing material.

Performing artists of any artform may apply. You may apply with a collaborator in mind, or put in an open application for us to ‘match-make’ you with another artist. We welcome applications from artists of all backgrounds. The venue is wheelchair accessible. If you have additional access needs we are keen to discuss how we can meet them, please contact us on info [at]

The commission includes:

  • A £500 fee (£250 per artist, to be invoiced separately)

  • Access to free rehearsal space for a day prior to the event (date TBA with artists) and the performance day.

  • Reasonable travel expenses for the rehearsal and performance days (within Greater Manchester)

  • Professional photos/video of the event

Unfortunately we do not have a budget for accommodation, so while we are open to applications from artists outside of Greater Manchester, they would have to make their own accommodation and travel arrangements.

Follow this link to read the full brief and apply


The Turnpike, Leigh