Pen:Chant presents... Re:Discovering Your Voice, a workshop with Ben Mellor

When: Sunday, 15th January 2017 4:30 PM

Your voice is as unique to you as your face, or your fingerprints. So why waste your time trying to sound like anybody else?

Explore the connection between your writing and your speaking
(perhaps even your singing) voice in this three-hour workshop from
award-winning writer/performer and host of Pen:Chant, Ben
Mellor. Using a range of writing, vocal and physical exercises, you’ll
spend time identifying the individual brilliance of your voice – your
use of language, dialect, accent, tone, timbre, rhythm and style.

Bring a piece to work on and/or compose something during the session – not on the page, as Ferlinghetti said, but on the tongue.

Suitable for those finding their voice for the first time, and
equally for those who feel they’ve misplaced theirs and need a rummage
down the back of the sofa.

M15 4FN