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Pen (pɛn) n. (tr) to write or compose. Chant (tʃɑːnt) vb. to sing or recite.
Pen·chant (pĕn′chənt) n. A definite liking; a strong inclination.

Pen:Chant was created by band/theatre company/three-person-identity-crisis Geddes Loom in November 2013. The aim was to create a platform for local performing artists of any discipline to showcase their work, and to bring to Manchester the best acts we frequently discovered on our travels touring theatres, pubs, clubs and festivals nationally and internationally.

When Geddes Loom went their separate, amicable ways, founder member Ben Mellor decided to keep the Pen:Chant vibe alive, adding to the usual mixed bill of spoken word, live music, comedy, cabaret and performance a series of full-length solo shows from brilliant comedians, poets and musicians such as Mark Grist, Rob Auton and Jess Green & the Mischief Thieves.

The night continues to grow and build, now gratefully supported by Arts Council England, and has an exciting roster of mixed bills and full length shows coming up in 2016 and beyond…

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